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Wally Umbrella Holder


Wally Umbrella Holder


Designed and made in beautiful (and rainy) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Condo living means making smart, efficient choices in design and Wally was born out of this need.  Existing solutions are clunky, expensive, and get in the way. Wally is the perfect minimalist umbrella stand for creative individuals living in small spaces.

Wally was designed and tested to fit most umbrellas.  However, some oddly shaped umbrellas may not fit properly on Wally.  You can use the images and dimensions shown below to verify whether your umbrella will fit.  You can also hang umbrellas off of Wally using the handle or wrist loop.

A) Handle - 20mm or larger

B) Shaft - 15mm or smaller

C) Gap - 1.5mm or larger

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