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Splash Square Long Umbrella

Splash Innovations

Splash Square Long Umbrella


The Square Long Red Umbrella. Totally square umbrellas from Splash Innovations - the squarest addition to our range of fashion umbrellas ever. These stylish square umbrellas are amongst the best fashion umbrellas on the market. The striking crisp shape and clean contours of these gorgeous square umbrellas combined with their luxurious appearance and cheerful colours make these fashion umbrellas something really different. Our Square Umbrellas have a square canopy AND a strong square tubular shaft, square handle and matching square tip. With a modern, flexible, fibreglass frame - these new square umbrellas are lightweight and totally windproof. Available in a choice of 10 other square colours, these exclusive fashion umbrellas are real top quality and will make a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. These top of the range, 'must-have' fashion umbrellas, are approximately 102cm (40 inches) in length and have a canopy width of 94cm (a generous 37 inches). And they're square... umbrellas

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