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Soake Everyday Reverse Folding Purple Daisy


Soake Everyday Reverse Folding Purple Daisy


Soake "Reverse Folding" umbrellas have a unique design. They open inside out so therefore when wet the moisture is trapped inside preventing the surface you put your umbrella onto from getting wet. 

  • The SPOKES we specify are generally FIBREGLASS. However due to the nature of the design of this beautiful umbrella we are obliged to use a two part fibreglass rib making it a durable and flexible lightweight umbrella.
  • We have included a fabulous gift box and also a sleeve.
  • This umbrella has an automatic open and collapse button. Please do not collapse the umbrella forcefully.
  • The CANOPY is manufactured from a polyester material offering a very waterproof covering. We always ensure that the canopy is large enough for the job and this umbrella is no exception having a diameter of 100cm enough to keep you covered and dry always.

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